What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

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Jun 08
What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger - Pinehurst Professional Painters

If you’re like many people, you know that the right paint colors can make a room appear larger than it really is – but what colors make a room look bigger, and how do you use them appropriately?

What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

Saturated colors can make a room look bigger, provided that the accents, accessories and furnishings you use are neutral (or at least varying shades of the wall color). Too much of one color can be pretty overwhelming.

Some of the best colors to use to make a room look larger are light and cool. Shades of blue, green and purple can trick the eye; they look like they’re farther away. (On the other hand, steer clear of darker, warmer colors. Those make a room seem smaller.)

Lighter and pale shades of these colors can make a room look bigger:

  • Yellow
  • Cool blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Amethyst
  • Eggshell or other almost-whites

Why Light Colors Make a Room Feel Larger

Generally, light and bright colors bounce light back around the room. That gives the room a more open, airy feel.

Tips for Painting to Make a Room Look Bigger

Even with the right colors, there’s only so much you can do – unless you:

  • Paint the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls. Visually, the ceiling will appear higher and give the room a little extra perceived space.
  • Using the same color on all the walls can make a room look bigger. What that means is that if you’re trying to make a small room appear larger, it’s probably best to save the accent wall you always wanted for a different room. When you have an accent wall, the eye naturally pauses at the change in color – and it creates a definite boundary.
  • Paint adjoining rooms in the same color. This tricks the eye into envisioning the next room as a continuation of the first room so the space feels larger.
  • Keep most of the colors in the room within the same color family, but paint trim and other details in a different shade than the walls.
  • Use horizontal or vertical stripes to elongate or heighten a room’s appearance. Contrasting colors create the illusion of depth.

Do You Need to Talk to an Interior Paint Expert?

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