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5 Paint Colors That Can Help You Sell Your Home - Pinehurst and Aberdeen House Painting
May 22

5 Paint Colors That Can Help You Sell Your Home

By Mack.Painters | Colors , Painting

5 Paint Colors That Can Help You Sell Your Home - Pinehurst and Aberdeen House Painting

The numbers don’t lie: Some paint colors can help you sell your home faster and for more money than you’d get if you left things as-is. While not everyone should spring for a full-house repainting job before listing the home with a real estate agent, most people should repaint at least a few rooms. (Fresh paint can help you sell your home, period.)

So what are those colors?

5 Paint Colors That Can Help You Sell Your Home

Not all colors are created equal in homebuyers’ eyes, but the colors listed here really make a positive impact on buyers. While every market is different and you should talk to your real estate agent about what works well in your neighborhood, we can definitely help you update your home’s look with fresh paint before you sell.

#1: Navy Blue on a Front Door

Zillow says that navy blue doors can net you an extra $1,500 when you close. It doesn’t hurt that a freshly painted door adds to curb appeal, too, which is the first impression buyers get of your house; make the first impression a good one and they’ll be primed to enjoy the inside, too.

#2: Warm Brown, Beige, Oatmeal or Taupe in the Living Room

Brown colors are specifically known for evoking emotions of strength and reliability, so it’s no wonder that people like them associated with areas where families gather. These colors are also attached to connotations of dependability, security and safety. The best part? Zillow says that homes with warm brown living room and family room walls sell for up to $1,900 more than those without.

#3: Cerulean Blue Bedrooms

Lively but serene (have a look at the color – you’ll see what we mean!), cerulean blue bedrooms in a home can help bring in up to $1,856 more at the closing table, according to Zillow.

#4: Pale Blue Bathrooms

Pale blue, which is more soothing than cerulean, looks great in a bathroom. Maybe that’s why Zillow reports that homes with light blue bathrooms sell for a shocking $5,000 more than expected – but with numbers like that, does it really matter why?

#5: Slate Blue Dining Rooms

Slate blue is sophisticated, and it evokes serenity and a sense of calm. It doesn’t do a lot for your appetite, like purple is reported to do, but it is a sign of stability and reliability… and Zillow says that houses featuring a slate blue dining room sell for just under $2,000 more than homes with white dining rooms do.

Want to Talk to a Painting Expert Before You Sell Your Home?

Whether you’re repainting your home because it’s time for a change or you’re ready to put it on the market and sell it, Mack Painters can help. Call us at 910-725-3227 or get in touch with us online. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you a free painting estimate for any of our services.