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Casa Blanca, Black Bean and Melange Grean
May 09

3 Colors That Work in (Almost) Any Home

By Mack.Painters | Colors

When you’re repainting the interior of your home, picking the right colors can be tough. For most people, that requires going to the paint store, picking up samples, and checking them out in different light levels – but what if there were a few colors you could choose from that look great no matter what?

These three colors, with only a few exceptions, work exceptionally well in almost any home.

3 Colors That Work in (Almost) Any Home

Your painting professional will be able to help you make the right decision for your home, but three exceptionally versatile colors really stand out this summer as worth taking a look at:

Casa Blanca by Sherwin Williams

Casa Blanca is a rich, neutral color that pairs well with Black Bean and Mélange Green as part of a gorgeous palette.

Casa Blanca, Black Bean and Melange Grean

Image courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Blue Hydrangea by Benjamin Moore

Blue Hydrangea is a vibrant shade that looks great in well-trafficked living spaces.

Blue Hydrangea with White Heron

Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Quiet Time by Behr

Quiet Time by Behr is a soothing gray color that’s ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining areas.

Quiet Time

Image courtesy of Behr

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