How to Fix Latex Drips on Walls, Trim and Floors

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Aug 12
How to Fix Latex Drips on Walls, Trim and Carpet - Interior House Painting Blog

If you’re like most DIY home painters, you know that latex drips running down the wall and paint splatters on the carpet are almost inevitable – but how do you fix them?

How to Fix Latex Drips on Walls, Trim and Floors

Seeing dried latex paint drips that ran down the wall before you could catch them is definitely one of those moments you think about how you should’ve hired a professional painter, but don’t worry too much. You can fix them without causing too much damage to all your hard work!

Here’s how to remove drips from walls and trim:

  1. Sand down the drip or spill until its surface is smooth.
  2. Clean off the area with a damp cloth.
  3. Repaint over the spot, if necessary.

To remove drips from floors, use a razor blade – just run it beneath the drip carefully and peel it away.

Pro Tip: Use drop cloths and painter’s tape next time. Also, cover door knobs with plastic bags and tape them in place, and remove outlet covers and tape over the outlets.

How to Clean Latex Paint Splatters From Carpet

Whether you splattered a little paint on the carpet while you were working on the corners or your ladder tipped over with your roller and tray, you may be able to make things right – but you have to act fast.

Here’s how to clean latex paint splatters from carpet:

  1. Use a scraper to pick up as much of the wet paint as you can. Don’t spread it on clean areas of the carpet!
  2. Use a thick, dry sponge to soak up paint you can’t get with the scraper. You might have to go through several clean sponges.
  3. Place a clean, dry cloth over the spot. Leave it there until it picks up the stain, then change it out for another clean, dry cloth.
  4. Clean the area with warm water and dish soap once the stain is gone. Allow it to dry completely.

If the stain is already dry, you can buy a paint remover solution – but be careful. Test it in an inconspicuous area before you use it out in the open.

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