Retouching Services

Why repaint your whole house when you just need a few touch-ups?

The fact is that many homeowners and business owners spend thousands on “all-over” painting jobs when they really don’t need to — and nobody wants to overpay for services they don’t need.

Interior Paint Retouching in Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and Pinehurst, NC

The cost of a complete home or business makeover preventsmany people from repairing cracked, damaged, or otherwise blemished paint. In the worst cases, people attempt to repair paint blemishes without using innovative paint-matching tools to ensure that they’re getting an exact match.

But at Mack Painters, interior paint retouching is what we do… and we do it exceptionally well.

Our interior paint retouching services include:

  • Cutting-edge color-matching to ensure a perfect match, every time
  • Protection of your appliances, fixtures, and surfaces
  • Fine attention to detail so we don’t miss a thing
  • Quick, efficient work that lets you go about your business; you’ll barely know we’re there

We offer our interior paint retouching services in residential homes and commercial locations, including restaurants, shops, and office buildings.

What Does Interior Paint Retouching Cost?

While every home or business is different, we can tell you that paint retouching costs far less than an “all-over” painting job does. Our painting experts will be happy to provide you with a quote when we visit your location, and the cost will vary based on:

  • The size of the area that needs to be retouched
  • The type of paint you originally used
  • The amount of repair work we’ll need to perform (such as drywall crack repair or water stain repair)
  • The extent of the paint retouching that needs to be done

Get Your Free Interior Paint Retouching Estimate Today

Call us at 910-690-2569 for your free paint retouching estimate. One of our highly skilled, knowledgeable painting professionals will visit your home or business, discuss your needs, and take the appropriate measurements to give you an on-the-spot quote.