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You’re a real estate professional, and when you tell a client how to price his or her home, you base your assessment on cold, hard facts.
You know that chipped, cracked, or peeling paint—even if it’s just in one room of the house—can dismantle the most carefully planned sale. At best, it can cause potential buyers to put in a lower offer than they ordinarily would have, particularly after they’ve called professional painters for estimates; at worst, it can cost your client the sale.
Fortunately, Mack Painters can help.

Help Your Real Estate Clients Sell Faster (and Closer to List Price)

We’ve put together an innovative residential paint retouching program. Its focus: to help your clients sell their homes faster and closer to list price.
Our program includes quick and affordable paint retouching that can turn a home from “old” into “sold.”

How Mack Painters’ Paint Retouching Process Works

We’ll visit your client’s home with you and conduct an assessment of what we need to do. We’ll evaluate the condition of the existing paint, inspect for cracks, stains, or other blemishes, and take the appropriate measurements.
We can provide your client with an estimate (in many cases, it’s thousands less than they’d spend on an all-over interior paint service) on the spot.

From there, we’ll schedule a time that works with the homeowner’s busy schedule. Our paint retouching process includes:

  • Innovative color-matching service that ensures a perfect blend
  • Quick, efficient work to ensure minimal disruption to your client’s daily activities
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with every job

Let’s Talk About Residential Paint Retouching in Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and Pinehurst

When you’re ready to find out how we can help your clients sell their homes faster — and for more money — we’d love to talk to you.
Call us at 910-690-2569 today to discover how Mack Painters can transform tired, worn paint into something infinitely better: a fast sale.